Welcome to the Roller Derby Wiki!! This page is all about the Roller Derby. We are glad that you made it here. If you need help, share your ideas, suggestions, thoughts, or anything else, you can contact either HotDice or Sundogs at anytime. This wikia was created for the past, present, and future of Roller Derby stars, promoters, their families, and the fans. If you are a promoter, skater, fan, or anything related to Roller Derby; you are welcomed here.

History of Roller Derby WikiEdit

The early stages of Roller Derby WikiEdit

I applied for bureaucrat (Head Administration) status for Roller Derby Wiki and on October 24, 2007, my wish was granted. The administrators will slowly begin the work on the behind the scenes and helping those in need on this wikia. As of January 1, 2008, we have a few pages to work with, but with your help, we will grow over the course of the months.

Looking Forward into 2008Edit

In 2008, this wikia will take a noticeable changes by the users and the administration team by the requests on HotDice's talk page or Sundogs' talk page. We will be changing on how things are grouped and the presentation on this wikia and the users will grow with time and help.

Roller Derby Wiki: Must ReadEdit

Roller Derby Wiki RulesEdit

The following rules (1) here at Roller Derby Wiki are what we believe are Good Faith. The minor infractions and the major infractions are the two types of infractions (2). Here at Roller Derby Wiki, the major infractions are harsher than the minor infractions. We reserve the right to change these rules without notice and it is your responsability to come here and see what Rules and Panishments is being applied here at Roller Derby Wiki. On Good Faith, it is where:

  • No copyrighted materials allowed (which includes images, sentences or paragraphs from books, magazines, websites, and so furth) without giving proper reference to them.
  • No foul language and making fun of others.
  • No Vandalism will be allowed.
  • I'm aware that Roller Derby Wiki or Wikia, Inc. has the right to change the rules at any given time without notice.
  • We respect the rules that are applied from Roller Derby Wiki and Wikia, Inc.
  • We respect the Roller Derby Wiki and Wikia, Inc. decisions towards this or any other Wikia, Inc. sponsored sites.

Roller Derby Wiki's To-Do ListEdit

The To-Do List will cover wide range of topics and with low user edits. The General List of the To-Do List is the only one.

To-Do List: General ListEdit

In this To-Do List, General List, (3) is simple to follow. this rule of thumb and you will be rewarded for your efforts and this is how you do it:

  • You need to log-in into your Roller Derby Wiki account.
  • Check your user talk page for any comments from other users or the Roller Derby Wiki Administration Team who gave you any comments.
  • Look for help in the forums or the community portal to see what needs to be done.
  • Look at the recent changes page to see if there might be an error in grammar or spelling.
  • After you are done editing, if you are using a public computer, please logout after you are done (4).

Miscellaneous TopicsEdit

Administration TeamEdit

If we think (or if you feel that you are being "overlooked", please notify me that you are able to handle both, your "normal routines" and hold a Roller Derby Wiki Administration position, we will give you a questionaire test that deals with administration powers (an outlook of a third person looking in). Based on your response on this test, you will be notified on our answer (5). All nominees must be impartial, willing to help others, help out new users at Roller Derby Wiki, the nominee puts themselves in places that needs attention, and future administrators are willing to communicate to other administrators. (6) Here is a listings of the Administration Team for Roller Derby Wiki are:

  • HotDice - Roller Derby Wiki's bureaucrat and sysops - Both since October 24, 2007.
  • Sundogs - Roller Derby Wiki's second bureacrat - Since December 31, 2007

Invites to Roller Derby WikiEdit

We here at Roller Derby Wiki are always welcoming new people to help us out and we thank you for it. We, at this time, do not have a balanced structure for having things grouped or anything like that; however, if you like to suggest something, go to the forums, community portal, or my talk-page.

Notes Edit

Note 1 Edit

The Roller Derby Wiki Rules are that everyone needs to go by. Punishments are given out to those who do not go by these rules. It does not matter if you are a member or a visitor at Roller Derby Wiki. At this time, rules and punishments are loosely based on "Good Faith Basis". Although, the rules and punishments will be changed over time. So, come back and see what the Rules and Punishments are.

Note 2 Edit

Minor infractions range from name calling to improper links. Whil Major infractions range from Disobeying staff members to vandalizing articles.

Note 3 Edit

First and last items are required to record your edits and a better chance to get nominated to become a Roller Derby Wiki Administration Team, but, the rest of the items are up to you to do.

Note 4 Edit

Public computer covers computer labs (public library or at school), family computer, or any computer that will be accessed by other people other than you.

Note 5 Edit

You will be undergo a series of questions in a questionaire test and you have to answer the best way in that situation. Based on your response, you will be notified and start the following Monday.

Note 6 Edit

All administrators must agree on the punishment of a Roller Derby Wiki user and changes to this wikia. No Excuses.

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